Why You Should Drink Green Tea for Weight Loss?

Why You Should Drink Green Tea for Weight Loss?

Green tea is one of the many different kinds of teas in the world. But its role in weight loss is gaining popularity and recognized by millions across the world. If you are wondering how green tea aids weight loss, think no further and read through for an answer to your question.

What is Green Tea?

Dried leaves from the plant Camellia Sinensis are steamed to prepare green tea. Nutrition from these leaves facilitate weight loss and the process keeps the nutrition intact. The nutritional elements in the leaves contain several ingredients including antioxidants. Some of these components include theophyline, theobromine, vitamins, saponins and epigallocatechine. They are responsible for fighting against several infections and also maintain optimal body temperature.

Green Tea for Weight Loss

Green tea plays a significant role in metabolizing fat from your body. This implies increase in the capacity of body to burn fat quickly. When compared to all nutrients found in green tea, epigallocatechine is the primary reason for weight loss. The nutrient boosts metabolism of your body and also brings down appetite. Green tea regulates glucose release into your body. Glucose stimulates your body to consume high calorie food items.

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