6 Signs You’re Addicted to Your iPhone

6 Signs You're Addicted to Your iPhone

New innovations, new smart phones and new updates, you still keep asking for more. If you are an iPhone lover, then it is possible that you are addicted to it. Yes! Spending time with your iPhone the whole day makes you an iPhone addict. Listed below are some signs to know if you are addicted to you iPhone.

1. Check for updates

If you check for an iPhone update in spite of already having a new update, then you need to stay patient. If you constantly keep checking the official update for iOS, then you are addicted to your phone. When there is an official update of your OS, you will automatically get a notification on it. There is no need to check for the latest update regularly.

2. Check new applications

iPhone apple store updates many new applications on a regular basis. This does not mean you check out each application and download it on your iPhone. This makes absolutely no sense. If you check the new applications on a daily basis, then you are certainly addicted to your iPhone. Screen through the applications and download those apps, which are handy.

3. Want to know everything

If you want to know every first hand information about the iPhone, that makes you an addict. You would read through newspapers, magazines and websites about the iPhone to know more. It is good to gain knowledge regarding your phone, but reading every possible feature on the phone makes no sense.

4. Obsessed with accessories

If you are addicted to your iPhone, then you would get all the possible iPhone accessories for the phone. If you visit a shop, and purchase only the phone accessories, then you are heading for trouble. There is a possibility that you are too obsessed with your phone.

5. Taking extra care

If you buy new cover skins, extra special scratch guard and other protective things for your iPhone, then you are certainly addicted to your phone. If someone touches your phone, and you react in a negative way, then you are too obsessed with your phone. Take it easy, it is just a Smartphone!

6. Argue with people

If someone criticizes an iPhone and its features, and you start arguing with him, then be sure you are addicted to your phone. In this case, you will not be able to hear any kind of criticism on the phone. You may compare your phone with other Smart phones also.

All the above signs indicate that you are addicted to your iPhone. Relax and let go, there is a life beyond your phone.

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