8 Signs of Depression in Men

8 Signs of Depression in Men

Let us face it; most people suffer from depression today. The percentage of women suffering from depression might be high. But, men are not far behind. Majority of men face depression today, and they are not even aware of it. Enlisted below are some signs of depression in men. See if you see any such sign in guys you know like your brother, boyfriend, father, friend or husband.

1. Backache and stomachache

Men who suffer from depression generally face stomach and backache. They may not realize this, but this happens due to chronic stress, which leads to depression. Healthy diet and exercise will help to deal with the problem.

2. Loss of appetite and weight issues

Men generally like to savor their food. If they lose their appetite, then this is something to worry about. Decreased appetite means they might be suffering from mild depression. Sudden weight loss or weight gain in men also indicates depression.

3. Irritability and anger

Constant anger and irritability means a person might be suffering from stress. This happens with men most of the times. If a man gets irritated without reason, then he might be suffering from stress and depression. Practicing yoga can help to deal with the problem.

4. Trouble in concentrating

This is a common sign in men, but it is linked with depression. If a man finds it difficult to concentrate on a single issue, then he is suffering from depression. This may be accompanied by difficulty in making decisions. Do not take this lightly, as this may have a harmful effect on the body.

5. Anxiety and panic attacks

Many people believe that women face anxiety attacks more than men do. But, this is untrue. Men also face anxiety and panic attacks. This happens due to stress and depression. A man would also feel restless as well.

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