7 Reasons Your Password Security is Weak

7 Reasons Your Password Security is Weak

We do most of our transactions online to save time and energy. Companies too favor online transactions to make their job more effective and to have fewer workforces in the offices. Be it online money transactions or your email or a social media account, everything comes password protected. There is a reason that these things come with a username and password. Passwords are supposed to protect you from unauthorized entry just like a lock would prevent unauthorized people from entering your house. A good password is like a good alarm system that helps protect you and your things. For your information online to be truly confidential, you need to protect it with a password that is truly safe and not weak.
But we go for a password that we can remember easily and don’t think of the security many times. Here are a few reasons our password is weak.

1. Birth dates as passwords

It is easy to remember. There is no doubt about it. But it is also for other people to crack your account. Do not have your date of birth as a password for any account, especially for your online bank accounts. If you have it, change it immediately before you get wiped out.

2. A combination of your name and birthdates

After birthdates this would probably be the most easiest to crack. You are giving the cracker no reason to worry at all when they are trying to figure your password. Birthdates and versions of names are the first things anyone tries when they are trying to crack a password.

3. Names of kids and pets as password

When you have kids ad pets, post their pictures online with references to their names and have the same as your password too, then you are surely asking for trouble. Passwords with any known names are definitely weak and should be changed.

4. Names followed by 123

This is another option that most of us have. It is understandable to have easy passwords when you have to remember too many of them. But equally important is that you do not make it easy for others too.

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