4 Best Ways to Lose Pregnancy Weight

4 Best Ways to Lose Pregnancy Weight

Has it been a few months after the delivery of your baby and you still haven’t lost your mommy inches? Is it getting awkward for you to move around in baggy clothes? Has it been month’s you haven’t been able to flaunt your stylish self? Do you want to get back in your pre-pregnancy jeans? If answer to all these questions is a straight yes, then you need to try few simple steps to lose the pregnancy flab. But before starting with a rigorous work out schedule and diet you need to keep in mind that you need to take care of a little one too. You are still breast feeding your kid and need all the energy in your body to deal with the maternity blues. So watch your step forward. Here are the simple tips to lose your mommy inches.

1. Stop over eating

You need to understand you are no more pregnant, and hence the feeding season is over! Don’t accept any calorie pampering from your husband or dear ones. Spread your meals across the day, increasing frequency of intake but decreasing on the quantity. Include more veggies and seasonal fruits and whole wheat products in your daily meals. Start giving extra toppings of butter, cheese and cheddar a miss. Rather consume skimmed milk and homemade cottage cheese from this milk; it will replenish your calcium requirement and strengthen your muscles without adding to the existing calorie count.

2. Patience is the key

You have not gained all this weight in one month, so you can’t expect to shed it off that soon either. Have some patience, do some strengthening exercises, yoga and stretches rather than strenuous cardio exercises. Don’t plan to join a gym just yet, rather exercise at home, this way you will not intrude with feeding schedules of your little one.

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