3 Reasons Why Girls Get Attracted to Jerks

Reasons Why Girls Get Attracted to Jerks

Good girls seem to like bad boys. Is it because opposites attract? What is it that makes girls fall for jerks and get hurt later? Read on to know about the 3 reasons responsible for girls getting attracted to jerks:

1. Almost all jerks are good at flattery

Who doesn’t like to hear, “You look so beautiful that I can’t take my eyes off you,” “When you enter the room, you put sunshine to shame,” “Your hair is so silky that my fingers keep falling off,” “Your charisma makes you the wonder woman of my life,” and so on. All jerks are good at flattering you and making you feel so good about yourself that it clouds your reasoning and judgment. The result is obvious. You end up falling head and heels over that jerk.

2. They make life fun for you (for a while, of course)

That stupid jerk makes life so much fun for you that you think he is your prince charming. You want to continue living that frivolous, fun filled life with him, forever. You find the dedicated, hard working, sweet guy next door so boring in comparison to your jerk. Well, that’s only till the rosy glasses are on your eyes. The moment you have to actually live life with such a jerk, you’ll realize they are good for nothing. Life is as much about duties and responsibilities as it is about fun and frolic.

3. They are good at faking things/emotions

Jerks want to attract girls and they’ll do anything to make that happen. Lying, flattering and faking things come naturally to them. They are good at faking such emotions like love and passion. The girl thinks that she is falling for her prince, the soul mate, the one and only lover. But the reality is that none of it is real, and when the girl realizes this, it is often too late.

Not all the toads that you kiss will turn into charming princes. So make sure you open your mind along with your heart so that you don’t end up falling for yet another jerk.

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