3 Great Advantages of Aging


“Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?” these lines uttered by the evil Queen in Snow White aptly describes the vanity that we possess! We women are somewhat vain. And that is not bad at all, unless of course you go totally crazy about it. A lot of us tend to have a mid life crises, when we look into the mirror and we realize that we are actually not young as we think we are.

But what is forever helpful is remembering the good things about aging. Even though it seems like nothing can be good about getting older, because, let’s face it, the skin loses that glow, the body loses that youthful strength, and there are so many medical conditions; still if you think about it, aging does have the other side, the good side. Listed here are some such good things about aging.

1. Emotional Strength

As you grow older, you grow wiser. You already have learned a lot, and you can use all that great mental strength to sail through in life. Not only are you wiser, but you are also stronger in the matters of the heart. Things might still go haywire, but you will be able to tackle them better, and in a more efficient manner.

2. Self Discovery

The one amazing thing about aging is that it introduces you to your own self. You get to know your mind, your body, your heart, your soul; and what tricks your thoughts can play on you. You become aware of what works for you, and what it is that you really want. It is a wonderful thing to know yourself that well.

3. Self Awareness

As you age, you become more aware. You realize that life is but a fleeting moment. You develop concerns for your fellow men and you start to listen. You become aware about life, its hidden meaning, its tricks, and you can connect the dots in a better manner. You grow calmer, and this very awareness brings in you inner peace.

So do not knock your socks off worrying about aging. It is a natural process, it will happen to everyone. Instead of worrying about the future or the past, just live each moment completely, and you will age gracefully, and become who you are supposed to be.

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