20 Signs You are Falling in Love

20 Signs You are Falling in Love

Many people confuse love with infatuation but these two feelings are very different. Here are some important signs you need to watch out for if you want to find out whether or not you are in love.

1. If you love somebody, you will always want to be in his company. You will alter all your plans to spend time with that person.

2. You will be overwhelmed because of the feeling called love. You may even lose your appetite.

3. You will always be cheerful. You will forgive people easily. Nothing will upset you.

4. You will become kinder and more polite towards others.

5. You will be conscious of your looks. You will do everything to look your best for that person. The mirror becomes your best friend when you are falling in love.

6. You will be extremely conscious in the presence of the person you love. You will avoid making silly comments or jokes which could make you look like a fool.

7. If you are in love, you will notice that your heart suddenly starts racing whenever you come across the person you love. Increased heartbeat may result in sudden sweating and you may even have sweaty palms.

8. You will think about that person at least once before going to sleep at night. You will smile while thinking of that person.

9. You will be very nervous in front of that person. Love can make you feel weak in the knees and having wobbly legs in the presence of that person.

10. That person is on your mind throughout the day. You will start building castles in the air and imagining things while thinking about the person you love.

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