6 Ways You can Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

6 Ways You can Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Do you know that you could be taking fuel, electricity and other forms of energy for granted in your daily life? Do you know that your careless use of natural resources today can cause an alarming situation for the environment tomorrow? If you are concerned about the environment and want to reduce your carbon footprint, here are a few ways to do it.

1. Switch off electronic appliances when you are not using them

Whether you are using a phone charger, a microwave, a laptop, an iron, a water kettle or an air conditioner, switch these appliances off when you have finished using them. By doing this, you will not only avoid ruIning your equipment, but also save on unnecessary electricity usage. The next time you see any appliance switched on and kept in standby mode, remember to shut it off right away.

2. Use cold water for household chores as much as possible

Using warm water for household errands may feel good on the hands, but it comes at a huge environmental cost as extra energy and fuel is used to heat water. You can use hot water for specific purposes including removing grime or grease from clothes or utensils. But for all other purposes where warm water is not required, do your bit for the environment’s good and use cold water only.

3. Use energy saving bulbs for your home or office

There is a plethora of compact fluorescent or CFL bulbs available in the market which help in saving energy yet give the same amount of light as an ordinary bulb. CFL bulbs are known to use 80 percent less energy than ordinary bulbs. This will help you in cutting down your power bills and reduce your carbon footprint simultaneously.

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