16 Sagittarius Personality Traits

16 Sagittarius Personality Traits

Those under the Sagittarius zodiac sign are born during the period of November 22 to December 21. For them, truth is above everything else and honesty is their middle name. We give you 16 Sagittarius personality traits.

1. They find it difficult to break old habits and can sometimes be stubborn.

2. They are optimists and are always looking towards the brighter side of life. They do not give up easily. In times of adversity, they see hope and continue to pursue what they desire which becomes an inspiration and motivation for many.

3. They are honest to the extent that they do not think if the truth might hurt another person.

4. They love travel and outdoor activities; they are mostly extroverts and sociable and attract company.

5. As friends, they are generous and helpful.

6. They make good parents. However, a Sagittarian mother might find motherhood boring, and would need more things to keep her occupied.

7. They are pleasant and friendly as lovers. They are charming and open-minded when it comes to romance though they are not much into display of affection.

8. They are wary of commitment, and do not get bound in a relationship. Also, they are unfaithful and disloyal when it comes to their love life.

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