5 Natural Remedies for Prolonged Menstrual Period

5 Natural Remedies for Prolonged Menstrual Period

Menstrual cycle is one of the most dreaded things in a woman’s life and for some, the most painful ‘period’. It’s just not the physical pain; it becomes a mental torture especially when the bleeding becomes heavy and lasts for more than a week. Medically known as menorrhagia, excessive bleeding can lead to weakness or fainting at times. Changing napkins every couple of hours itself is a big discomfort and can cause mental stress. Heavy loss of blood due to the condition needs treatment, which otherwise might lead to complications. Reasons can be anything from hormonal imbalance, endometriosis, pelvic inflammation, thyroid problems to stress. Check out 5 natural remedies for prolonged menstrual period.

1. Witch Hazel

An herb with rich astringent properties, witch hazel is widely used for preventing excess bleeding during menstruation cycle. About 2-3 ml of liquid tincture can be taken twice a day or drinking tea made of dried herb of witch hazel is also very effective in stopping excessive and prolonged bleeding.

2. Yarrow

Yarrow is yet another plant used to stop heavy menstrual flow. In fact it is used to heal any wounds from bleeding. You can either use it as liquid tincture or herbal tea. You can make Yarrow tea by mixing dried Yarrow, Shepherd’s purse, Nettle leaf,and a small part of Hibiscus in a cup of boiled water. Leave the ingredients to blend with water for some time and then filter it before drinking.

3. Red Raspberry

Red Raspberry has tannin and the drying effect of tannin helps in healing excessive blood flow during menstruation. It also helps in easing uterine and intestinal spasms and helps in strengthening uterine walls. Mix one fourth cup of dried Red Raspberry leaf in a cup of freshly boiled water, cover and let soak for half an hour. Drink it twice a day for best results. The astringent property of the herb enables the contraction of body tissues and helps stopping heavy blood flow.

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