15 Treatments For Damaged Hair

15 Treatments For Damaged Hair

Damaged hair is every person`s nightmare. However, the only good part of this nightmare is that it can be treated. Damaged hair can be avoided by taking care of your hair properly. It can be cured by treating your hair properly. Prevention is obviously better than cure. But if you are already suffering from the numerous inevitable problems that arise due to damaged hair, here are a few tips to treat it. Listed here are some treatments for damaged hair.

1. Avoid hair straighteners, heating irons and blow dryers as much as possible. They will just add on to your damage.

2. Avoid treating your hair with many chemicals. Once in a while is fine but remember, too much of anything is harmful.

3. Wash your hair often. But do not use shampoos every time. The chemicals in the shampoo can damage your hair every time you use it.

4. Use conditioners instead. Apply conditioner to your hair and use it like a shampoo. Develop lather and rinse it off. Conditioners clean your scalp without damaging your hair. Rinse well so that the conditioner doesn`t accumulate on your scalp.

5. Let your hair dry and comb it gently for a smooth and lustrous hair.

6. Reduce dandruff with olive oil and vinegar. Olive oil should first be applied to hair and covered with a soft cloth. Leave it overnight and wash it with vinegar the next day morning before you shampoo. This is an effective measure to get rid of dandruff and also add luster to damaged hair.

7. Use a conditioner or spray it on before you style your hair. This can reduce hair loss and damage. Styling is not always recommended. So, style your hair only when it is very much needed.

8. When damaged, it is best to let hair loose instead of tying them up in braids or pony tails. Stressing them too much can be more damaging.

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