How to Not Be Jealous of a Coworker’s Success?

How to Not Be Jealous of a Coworker's Success?

The most difficult aspect of working, is not the angry bosses and the tough deadlines, it is the jealous coworkers who make the atmosphere unbearable and ultimately affect the team’s performance as a whole. The animosity one might have towards another colleague often leads to huge rifts and ultimately can end up destroying huge companies. It has been observed that employees not only ruin their careers but also in some cases, rival companies have taken over and then fired the very people who were responsible for it. The fighting colleagues are often unaware as to what level their jealousy might reach.

In many cases you are not aware that you might feel jealous of a coworker. It is only when a certain task which either brings you together or a task that you wanted but was assigned to the other that makes you realize that you never liked him/her all along and that is when the problem begins. The first and most important stop is to identify the cause of the jealousy and try to work upon it. Try to analyze the reasons behind it. Try to imagine different scenarios of the same situation such as, had you been assigned with the task, would you have been able to perform it? And then start analyzing your coworker on pure merit basis and ask yourself whether you are still jealous of him/her.

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