5 Tips to Fix Your Child’s Attitude Problem

5 Tips to Fix Your Child's Attitude Problem

Nothing makes parents more upset than being on the receiving end of tantrums and bad behavior from their children. No matter how much you try, nothing seems to work on the little bra t- certainly not yelling. Assuming that such behavior will eventually phase out as the child grows older only reinforces it and is certainly not a solution; it amounts to escapism on part of the parent. Here are some tips to keep your child’s attitude problem in check.

1. Be a good role model

One of the best ways to model and shape your child’s behavior is to be a good role model yourself, since most children simply imitate behavior that they may have seen somewhere. By setting a good example, you can demonstrate how one can stay calm and poised even when tensions are running high.

2. Talk to other caretakers

Talk to other people that know your child fairly well and interact with him/her frequently. These include older siblings, school teachers, coaches, babysitters; to know their opinion on your child’s behavior. Does your exhibit the same behavior with them or is it only restricted to you? What, according to them, is causing the problematic behavior? What suggestions do they have? Working together ensures quicker and more effective results.

3. Walk out

Every time your child talks rudely or talks back, say “I will not be spoken to like that” and leave the room. One needs to understand that children use talking back as a way to push their parent’s buttons and get a reaction out of them. But this certainly wouldn’t be the reaction they must be expecting from you, thus making them introspect and being more prudent with their words in the future.

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