15 Reasons Why Men Cheat

8. Women are increasingly becoming career oriented. The time they spend with their partner is therefore reducing. Men begin to stray; it is just that they have another excuse to state.

9. Another popular excuse men state for cheating is that their partner has changed drastically with time. She is no longer the person she used to be. They never think about the change that has come over them.

10. When women gain weight or become fat due to hormonal changes, lack of exercise or pregnancy, men find a reason to complain and hence cheat. On the other hand, they may look like a lump of clay but still expect perfection from their partners.

11. A nagging wife drives the man quicker into the arms of another lady.

12. Men find it easier to work out their chemistry with another woman rather than the one they have been with most of their life.

13. Some men do it just for the thrill of having an extramarital affair.

14. There are too many distractions and mediums for them to find love. Internet is a great alternative to seek pleasure.

15. Women are more forgiving of men’s infidelities. They give them the opportunity to explore further since no stern action is taken.

Reasons are abundant for men to cheat. Finding excuses is not a complex task and a smart man can do it in a way that he thinks is appropriate.

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