14 Aries Personality Traits

14 Aries Personality Traits
Those under the Aries zodiac sign are known for their confidence and their pioneering skills. They are born during the period March 20 to April 19. This brave zodiac sign is one to watch out for. We give you 14 Aries personality traits.

1. They are born leaders, and they do what they have to in order to achieve their dreams. Through their actions, they make their presence felt.

2. They can be very good, warm and devoted friends, ready to support and do anything for friendship.

3. For them, habits — good or bad — are very hard to come out of.

4. They are high-spirited, they are vivacious, they are optimistic, and they are the take risks which others are wary of taking.

5. As fast as they get interested in ventures, they also get bored of it that fast, and lose interest and stop concentrating.

6. They are fearless and courageous, so much so that they can even be foolish sometimes.

7. They have a dominating personality and that is the role they tend to take up even in relationships.

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