10 Gifts Girls Hate to Receive from Their Boyfriend

10 Gifts Girls Hate to Receive from Their Boyfriend

Girls love to receive gifts. But it so happens that their boyfriends sometimes goof up and land up with wrong presents for them. So what are those gifts that girls hate to receive from their boyfriends? Check out this list.

1. Cash

Guys usually give cash to their girlfriends assuming their lady love can buy whatever she likes with the money. But for a girl, it’s not at all romantic. It shows that her boyfriend is not interested in going and buying gifts for her.

2. Cheap jewelry bags

Girls will always notice the label that comes with the gifts that their boyfriends buy them. It need not be high end but the quality of a cheap item almost always shows up within no time.

3. Recipe books

It is indeed a girl thing to cook, but that doesn’t mean they need to be given tutorial books as gifts. This means that guys want their girls to learn cooking for them. Turn off!

4. Same gifts

It’s all right to give a gift once or maximum twice. But if guys keep getting the same gifts for their girlfriend, girls don’t like it.

5. Inappropriate sized clothes

Girls don’t like to have clothes too large their size or so small that it doesn’t fit them. The former means that their boyfriends think they are fat and the latter signifies they want their girlfriends to fit into the small size.

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