6 Exercises You Can Easily Do at Home

6 Exercises You Can Easily Do at Home

Whether you want to lose weight, stay fit or maintain your body weight to lead a healthy life, you don’t have to pay thousand bucks to a gym or even leave your house. Here are 5 simple exercises that you can easily do in the comfort of your home.

1. Yoga and simple breathing techniques

Simple yoga exercises for back and muscle strengthening ,and other breathing techniques to release breath from one nasal passage by holding the other one, deep breathing, neck rotation are beneficial for people who are on desk job or do stressful work that requires your mind and body to relax.

2. Stomach crunches

There are different kinds of stomach crunches that you can do at home in the evenings or mornings depending on your convenience. Make sure you haven’t eaten anything before. Exercises that involve leg lift in order to apply pressure on your lower abdomen and then trying to touch your forehead to your knee while lying on your back is a very helpful exercise to reduce stomach flab.

3. Exercises for thighs and hips

Cycling movements, holding on to a bar and moving your thighs back and forth, are some useful techniques that can be practiced in standing position. You can also lie down side ways and lift your leg 90 degrees, and then bring it down for complete lower body stretch.

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