10 Ways to Make It Up to Your Husband

10 Ways to Make It Up to Your Husband

Relationships may differ from one couple to another, however, one thing that is common are fights. Every couple has disagreements and arguments often. What can be worse than having a fight with your husband? It is, not knowing how to make it up to him. However, if you want to act like that fight did not ever happen, then you must learn how to make up after a fight in a very healthy and mature manner. Here are ten ways how to make it up to your husband. We hope it is of help to you.

1. Talk it out

Communication is the best way to solve a problem. Speak to him by putting all your egos aside. Do it in person, instead of doing it over the phone. It is also easier to express what you are feeling when it is in person. Let him know how sorry you are, and that you are ready to do all it takes to make it up to him.

2. Write him a letter

Sometimes it may not be possible to speak to him directly. Also, if you feel you will be able to express yourself better in a letter, then you can try this out. Write him a letter to give him an explanation of what happened. Tell him how much he means to you and how much you wish to take back what happened.

3. Dance for him

Women are naturally sexy and we are sure that you will be able to do a good job with this. Men instantly get turned on after seeing a good dancer. You could give him a lap dance, pole dance for him or try something interesting like belly dancing. This is a gesture that your hubby will definitely appreciate.

4. Get him a box of chocolates

If possible, you make them yourself for him. Place these chocolates is a decorative heart-shaped box. You can stick photos, ribbons, hearts, etc. to the box. You can also add a sorry note to the box for it to be more meaningful.

5. Bake him a cake

Bake him a cake of his favorite flavor to let me know how much he means to you. You can decorate the cake using icing and get a sorry message written on top of it. He will most definitely appreciate your efforts.

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