12 Tips on How to Love an Introvert

12 Tips on How to Love an Introvert

Do you love someone who speaks very less or needs several hours alone every single day? If you do, then you have an introvert in your life. Introverts like to stay quiet and they usually don’t express their feelings. Some of them might like indirect or quiet conversations about their desires, feelings and ideas. They can speak well midst a group of hundred people but they feel awkward in groups in which people are interacting with each other on a personal level. These people literally have to be dragged to the parties and social gatherings. Introverts are usually considered as very serious, egoistic, arrogant, rude or cold because they speak very less. These people are also considered to be boring because they don’t like going to happening night clubs or high profile parties. If you love such a person, then check out the following tips. These tips will help you to figure out how you can love an introvert.

1. Act according to his nature

There are no specific right things and wrong things when it comes to loving an introvert. You just have to find out what your introvert likes, and act accordingly. Every introvert has a different nature and personality. Find out the things your introvert likes and doesn’t like to discuss in public.

2. Use your body language to express to him

Words don’t impress the introverts much. You must use some sweet gestures to express your love to the introvert. So, connect with your introvert through eye contact, your smile and your cute but honest facial expressions, if you want to show romantic interest to an introvert. Don’t ever expect the introvert to tell you how he feels about you or if he wants to have a romantic relationship with you. If he loves you, he will show his love through his actions. So, keep a close eye on all his gestures.

3. Encourage him to share his feelings with you

It is next to impossible for introverts to say, “I love you” or to tell you how much he wants to be with you. So, it is important to encourage the introverts to express their feelings. You can do this by creating fun games. You can ask your introvert to write a letter to you on your birthday. Such ideas will give him a chance to open up with you.

4. Don’t speak out even one tiny secret about him to anyone

Introverts find it tough to trust people, and if they trust you, then they trust you completely. So, if your introvert tells you a secret or if he asks you not to tell a specific something to anyone, then make sure you don’t. If you tell his secret to someone, he will feel cheated and he might never be able to trust you again. This will surely be very bad for your relationship.

5. Give him plenty of time to speak and express

Introverts take some time to think before they speak. So, it is important not to push them to speak about something they are hesitant about. Unlike extroverts, introverts like to save their words for important things instead of indulging in small or cheesy talk. An introvert will prefer talking with
you one-on-one, rather than talking with you while sitting with a group of people.

6. Communicate with him using actions

Actions speak louder than words for introverts. Introverts judge a person more from his/her actions rather than his/her words. Introverts are often reluctant communicators, but this doesn’t mean that they are weak, withdrawn or arrogant.

7. Spend alone time with him

Spend time alone with your introvert if you want to bond with him in a better way. The more time you spend with him, the more you will be able to connect with him on the emotional level. This idea can really help your budding relationship.

8. Convince him that your interest and intentions are genuine

One conversation will surely not be enough if you want to earn the trust of your introvert. Don’t consider your introvert arrogant if he doesn’t tell you freely how good your last date was. Instead, just be friendly and calm. Don’t forget to speak politely in a low tone with your introvert. Help him feel less nervous and speak about things he likes or finds alright for a discussion.

9. Be a great listener

You have to be a patient, calm and great listener for him. Speak a little less and encourage him to speak up.

10. Ask the right questions to which the answers are in detailed form

Questions with “Yes” or “No” answer will not be right for an introvert. So, try to get your introvert to speak up by asking good questions that need a detailed answer.

11. Pay attention to your introvert’s body language

The facial expressions and body language of an introvert can tell a lot about him. Introverts usually don’t say what exactly they are thinking. So, you should be very observant while dealing with such a person. Take the hints your introvert is giving you and observe his body language carefully. This will help you to figure out what he is thinking.

12. Be available for him

An introvert needs a lot of courage to approach somebody he likes. So, if you like such a guy then always be there for him. Support him in his tough phases and he might say those three magical words in the heat of the moment.

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