6 Reasons Why Teen Texting is on the Rise

6 Reasons Why Teen Texting is on the Rise

It started off with pagers, then short message service and now chat applications. Texting is perhaps the most convenient way to stay in touch for teens. With group chat applications, texting has become a regular habit. Let us take a look at why teen texting is on the rise.

1. Social networking

Over the years, social networking has emerged as a trend among teens. Social networking is popular as applications or Facebook chat on the mobile. It is an instant way to stay connected to friends 24/7. Social networking has become the need for the hour, which is the reason most teens prefer text chatting instead of phone calls. Services like BBM and WhatsApp are popular because of teen texting.

2. Text has a code

Text language is different, so teens enjoy writing in this code. A simple word can be written in an abbreviated version. While talking on the phone, this might not be a possible thing to do. While texting, it becomes much easier. Texting as a code is convenient for teens, as they interact with their friends in a much better way.

3. Texting is habitual

Once a habit, always a habit! Same goes for texting. For teens, it is an irresistible thing to do. With the latest smart phone applications, most teens are hooked on their phone. Along with texts, they share pictures and music also. Texting is like discussing things with loved ones on the go. For teens, this has become habitual.

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