5 Things to Think Before Saying I Love You

Things to Think Before Saying I Love You

So you love someone and want to confess your feelings to him? Wish to say “I love you”? These words definitely become special when they come from the heart. While there is no algorithm or a magic formula to be followed before saying, “I love you” to someone, here are certain things you might want to consider before you say these powerful words.

1. Find out if it is lust or love

Your heart beats faster at the sight of him, you go weak in the knees and your hormones go crazy when you touch him. Keep in mind that just because someone turns you on, does not necessarily mean you are in love with that person. Love is something much bigger and you must be ready to be with him despite all odds and even after the lustful feelings have simmered down.

2. Ask yourself if you can imagine a future with him

How does it feel when you think of waking up to this person every day for the rest of your life? Does the thought of being together forever excite you? Ponder over these questions before you confess your love. If your heart says yes, then go for it.

3. Find out his feelings towards you

Before confessing your love, know if he too has any feelings for you. You would be getting such vibes, if any. Is he investing time in the relationship as much as you are doing? It is good to have some idea about his feelings for you before you tell him that you love him.

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