12 Amazing Facts About Tassel Jewelry

Amazing Facts About Tassel Jewelry

Have you noticed tassels only on curtains and furniture? But the fashion industry has more calling to these versatile and exceptionally romantic tassels to perk up a woman’s wardrobe in so many ways. From shoes to hats and belts and bags to jewelry, tassels are of great use. Tassel jewelry has transcended from the Victorian era to adapt to the likes and fancies of contemporary women in numerous ways. Here are some amazing facts on tassels and their influence in jewelry creation.

1. The word ‘tassels’ comes from the Latin word ‘tassau’ meaning clasp indicating the neck of attire.

2. Tassels are easily becoming the most fashionable accents today. They were no exception yesterday.

3. Many runways have been inundated by tassel jewelry and their presence in other accessories. Famous and premium celebrity designers like Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Sonia Rykiel have lavishly shown off tassels in myriad fashionable ways.

4. Tassels are unbelievably versatile since they can be a part of most dresses, jewelry and accessories and can instantly glam them up in incredible ways. Even the most ordinary accessories can look instantly fashionable with tassels.

5. Tassels in jewelry made their descent from the Edwardian era, way back between 1890 and 1920 when they became extremely popular embellishments, especially in jewelry. Delicate and intricate filigree tassels, swags and bows in platinum and white gold adorned the neck of Queen Alexandrite, King Edward’s wife.

6. Tassels in many different cultures epitomized love and protection. A Japanese Samurai suspended silk braids in his sword, as a talisman of protection, every time he goes to a battle.

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