6 Great Tips for Text Flirting With Your Crush

6 Great Tips for Text Flirting With Your Crush

You like him but you don’t want to sound too desperate. You don’t have to meet the person to imply that you are possibly interested or have feelings for him. Written words can work the same magic and can keep the conversation alive and interesting. He will literally be in your palms. Using text messages you can exchange signs, symbols, flirty emoticons and fun jokes; you will always manage to find something to share or talk about. Here are 6 text flirting tips you could try with your crush.

1. Send him jokes indicating good sense of humor

Hunt down jokes and forwards which you think will crack him up and certainly kick off a conversation. Jokes could be about flirtatious, or about relationships and marriage. Sometimes conversing about relationships in jest can start up your own relationship. But don’t send him silly forwards about heartbroken women or preaching life philosophy.

2. Use fun emoticons

Text messages allow you to display your expressions through creative use of signs and symbols. Throw in lots of hearts, hugs, kisses and winks. But don’t overdo it, you might sound needy or more like a phone stalker.

3. Be the first one to greet him

A bright good morning or a good night message, it means you think of him before you sleep and when you wake up. Let it not be a forward but make your presence felt. He will appreciate it.

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