7 Things You Must Do Every Morning At Work

7 Things You Must Do Every Morning At Work

Each one of us goes to office with a feeling of anticipation. It’s important to maintain a good mood, over-ride stress and look ahead positively. Experts have a lot to say about the first things you should be doing every morning at work to enhance your productivity.

1. Reach before time

Arriving early in office helps you to uninterruptedly fix your priorities, without peers or supervisors claiming your time. This will help you to organize your work efficiently and help the ‘feel-good’ factor.

2. Breathe deeply as you survey your workplace

Relax. Breathe deeply for five minutes as you survey your desk. If you’re organised, and clear the clutter before you leave your office every day, you will not need much time to focus on any sticky notes reminding you of important tasks or meetings to attend. Or quickly clear your desk.

3. Prioritize the day’s work

The first hour is important for organizing your day’s tasks. Many experts recommend that the emails should not be given prime importance for the internet admittedly is a big attraction and once onto the emails, surfing the web and looking at video clips is a step away, which can make you waste precious time by taking your attention away from vital tasks.

4. Greet colleagues

It’s a great feeling to connect with your colleagues with a smile and a ‘good morning’. If you’re a supervisor or manager, it’s even more important to smile at and connect with colleagues/juniors as it encourages team spirit.

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