12 Awkward Questions to Ask a Guy

12 Awkward Questions to Ask a Guy

Questions are a good way to get to know someone in a better manner. But asking awkward questions, especially to a guy, can turn uncomfortable for the guy of course, while you can enjoy watching him squirm in his seat! Want to try that out? Here are a few awkward questions to ask a guy.

1. Do you wet the bed now?

2. At what age did you lose your virginity?

3. Have you ever urinated in public?

4. Is my mom hot or ugly?

5. I want some free porn. Tell me the sites, would you?

6. How many partners are you capable of having at a single time?

7. Have you had fantasies about any of your guy friends?
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8. Are you a racist?

9. Are you scared of (your input) and why?

10. Would you kiss a man if your life depended on it?

11. What would you do if I die?

12. Are you closeted/in the closet?

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