11 Teen Pregnancy Facts to Know

11 Teen Pregnancy Facts to Know

Teenage is the age for setting goals, dreaming dreams and working to make them real. But, what happens when all this comes to a halt and the sweet little teenager girl is transformed suddenly into a young mother nurturing a baby inside her womb? It’s better to equip yourself with knowledge to prevent such a situation or to handle it if such a situation arises. Here’s a list of 11 facts that you should know about teen pregnancy

1. If contraceptives are not used, there’s a very high probability of pregnancy. Teenagers often do not take contraceptives seriously in the heat of the moment.

2. By not using contraceptives, teenagers put themselves at risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases and subsequently passing them to the baby in case a pregnancy occurs.

3. It has an adverse effect on the education of teen mother. According to a survey, only one third of such cases go back to complete their high school. It makes higher education difficult too.

4. Teenagers who end up getting pregnant often regret and wish to turn back time.

5. Often the teen mother is not emotionally mature to raise the baby and it adversely affects the growth, development and personality of the child.

6. The vital prenatal months which demand a lot of care and guidance are often neglected in case of teen mothers. This is because of late detection of pregnancy or late disclosure about pregnancy which delays seeking medical care and attention in the crucial first three months.

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