7 Reasons Why Men Fall Out of Love

7 Reasons Why Men Fall Out Of Love

Men can fall out of love for many reasons. Just like women, they too have peculiar likes and dislikes which can shape the future of their relationship. Find out some of the most common reasons why men fall out of love.

1. There is less or no physical intimacy in your relationship

Men can fall out of love when there is a lack of physical intimacy in the relationship. Men derive a lot of emotional satisfaction from physical intimacy and if your relationship is void of the same, it may lead him to quit. Put in effort to rekindle the intimacy in your relationship if you think it has fizzled out. Take out time to cuddle up with your guy every now and then.

2. You demand a lot from the relationship

Do you always keep making demands from your guy? Do you always keep pestering him to take you out or give you gifts? Do you constantly remind your guy to treat you and pamper you? The fact that you demand a lot from your man and from your relationship can burden him with a lot of responsibility that he may not like.

3. You don’t give him an ego boost

Like women, men too need to be appreciated and admired by their partners. Do you keep telling your guy how handsome he is or how attractive you find him? By doing so, you will boost his ego and will make him feel wanted. The lack of such appreciation may deflate his ego and make him fall out of love with you.

4. There is lack of trust in your relationship

All relationships are based on trust. If you have said or done something that has affected the level of trust your man has in you and the relationship, it may be causing him to fall out of love. The suspicion or thought of you cheating or betraying him may be too hard to handle.

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