10 Ways To Make A Girl Feel Special

10 Ways To Make A Girl Feel Special

There must be more than a hundred ways to make a girl feel special. But, the ten ways mentioned below are the most tried and tested. Check them out and see if your guy practices any of them. If he doesn’t, just give some hints here and there and your job will be done.

1. Being romantic in public

One thing we girls absolutely love is affection in public. We girls love to flaunt our guy before our friends. Some flirting and mushiness will definitely make a girl smile. However, if a guy goes overboard with PDA (public displays of affection), then it’s a turn off.

2. Sharing interests

Our hobbies and passions may be far different from those of the guys, but if they try to take some interest in what we like, we will be delighted to show them around. Girls appreciate this kind of care and concern much more than expensive gifts.

3. Talking a lot and prodding about small things

Girls love to talk, whilst boys are more bottled up. We girls like it if our guy asks us how our day was and listens to all the stories that we have to tell. That is why, listening without interrupting is a very essential asset for a relationship.

4. Flattering with small gifts

Small tokens once in a while without any reason or rhyme will win a girl’s heart. A small necklace, a customized head scarf, a box of chocolates anything inexpensive but given with love and hugs weaves magic. Don’t you think, girls?

5. Verbalizing love and support

Girls look for romance and emotional support in verbal terms. A guy may be genuinely there for her, but until he verbalizes that, she won’t be satisfied.

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