How To Look Like Ke$ha?

How To Look Like Ke$ha?

Ke$ha is not just a very talented singer, she is a fashion icon for millions. Ke$ha has her own sense of style. She has proudly named herself as “garbage-chic”. She is unconventional, raw and stylish. Girls around the world do all it takes to look like her. To look like this stunner is no more a dream. Come with us, we’ll take you for a little tour around Ke$ha’s closet and show you how you can look just like her.

1. Hair

Her hair is characterised by bedtime curls. Hardly anyone can carry off this messed up look as wonderfully as she does. We’ll teach you how you could make your hair just look like hers. First draw a side partition into two sections using a comb. Brush both the sections of your hair carefully using a boar-bristle hair brush. Use a curling lotion on either section of your hair. Now neatly braid each section and put them into a bun at the back of your head. Do this and go to sleep. When you wake up in the morning open the braids and you will find your hair transformed into Ke$ha’s. Use a hair spray to keep your hair in place.

2. Eyes

Ke$ha’s eyes are her most interesting features. If you want eye makeup like hers, make sure that it is dramatic and creative. Her eye makeup is actually her trademark. See that you wear lots of smudged up dark eyeliner and eye shadow on your eyes first. Her eyeliner covers her whole eye lid and ends outside into a beautiful line. Also see that you blend it well with silver and blue shimmer. You can use your eye pencil to draw her trademark star around your left eye. Fill the inside with lots of shimmer.

3. Lips

When it comes to the lips, blue lipstick is Ke$ha’s personal style. You got to be really bold to try out this one. But if you think that you can carry it off well, what the heck! It’s time to go for some lipstick shopping and paint your lips with the color of the ocean.

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