5 Tips to Deal With Your Best Friend Flirting With Your Boyfriend

Tips to Deal With Your Best Friend Flirting With Your Boyfriend

It’s one thing to deal with a jealous girlfriend who thinks your boyfriend is better than hers, but to deal with your best friend who flirts with your boyfriend is a completely different ball game. Such occurrences are crazy, mind disturbing and precarious. They can cause a lot of emotional stress and also break up relations. They should be dealt with proper thought and a calm mind.

1. Identify the motive

If you feel that your best friend is hitting on your boyfriend, don’t press the panic button straight away. Observe your friend over a few occasions to figure out if the flirting is accidental or intentional. Also, note that if she behaves in a flirtatious manner only with your boyfriend or in general with all the guys she meets or hangs out with. If it’s her basic nature to get into sweet and tantalizing talks with all, then you do not need to worry.

2. Look out for her hints and drop yours subtly

Make small observations. If your friend does not show up for medi-pedi dates, girl bonding sessions or shopping trips, but always makes appearances when your boyfriend is around, she’s up to something fishy. If she shows very little interest in your life matters, other than matters involving your boyfriend, something is wrong. To deal with this, subtly drop hints while talking to her that you do not appreciate this behavior of hers. Tell her during casual banter that what she’s doing is not right.

3. Heart to Heart Talk

If the subtle hints don’t work you should have a direct heart to heart talk with your friend. Invite her for a drink or over dinner. Try and make her realize what she is doing is not acceptable. Make her feel guilty about her actions. Tell her straight forward that if she continues with her wrongful acts, then she will have to bear the consequences.

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