6 Ways Men and Women are Still Not Treated Equally

6 Ways Men and Women are Still Not Treated Equally

The current scenario of today’s world is the one wherein women have the most freedom ever. However, this doesn’t mean that women and men are still treated equally. The unfortunate fact is that women are still seen as below men in many parts of the world and it is high time these practices are changed. Certain practices and facts given below indicate that it is still sadly a man’s world.

1. Father or husband option in forms and documents

There are a number of inherently patriarchal practices which are still going on today and people think of it as normal. For example, the baby taking on the father’s surname, women having to change their identity after marriage, documents demanding either husband’s or father’s name from fillers. Why can’t women be independent without having to rely on their father or husband’s name just like men who are not identified by their wife’s or mother’s names?

2. Women are not accepted in certain career fields

The employment options for women are very limited. Conservative societies which make up almost or more than half of the world, don’t let women work in so called dangerous and men’s fields. These include working as drivers, air hostesses, late night jobs, police, army, fire fighters, etc. The patriarchal and narrow minded thinking restrict women from education, which is the most empowering tool.

3. Household work is expected to be a woman’s responsibility even if she works

The time when a man’s job in the family was just to provide the income seems to have long gone, but this is far from the truth. Women have started working outside their homes, but they still have to cook dinner, do the dishes and various other household chores. So even though men and women are working equally hard in office, women also have to work at home; something many men don’t.

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