10 Tips To Know What To Wear On The First Date

Unsure Of What To Wear On Your First Date? Read These 10 Tips

Okay, girls. This is showtime and you must be well prepared for it. You are headed for your first date and still haven’t decided on your outfit for the day. Then you have just come the right way for here are tips that will help you to look your best on that first date. You don’t have to take very serious measures to look cool and chic and impress him for it’s your personality that is more important. It can be even the simplest of outfits that can dazzle him, girls! Go out and keep your best look forward with these cool suggestions.

1. The Jeans Look

You can hardly ever go wrong with any type of jeans. You just have to team up your blue/black jeans with a cream or any other light shaded tee. Put a colorful stole over it to add some color and you’re good to go. If you want to accessorize your outfit, then you could opt for colorful wooden bangles or studs.

2. Dresses All The Way

A dress is another chic yet a simple look to try out for your first date. But don’t go over the top with choosing the ‘perfect’ dress. Remember it’s just a date, not your wedding. Be gentle to your purse and buy a knee length dress that suits your personality. You can go wild with the colors, though whites, pinks, blues and yellows are preferred as they bring out the girly side of you. Team it up with a dainty pair of earrings or just a small heart shaped pendant.

3. Skirts Say It All

Any type of skirt would be appropriate except the mini skirt as you don’t want to be showing off too much on your first date itself. Get a flowy skirt of a dark color and wear it with a light colored short top. If the top has ruffled sleeves, it will give a more girly look to your whole outfit.

4. Bell Bottoms Are Back

If you are in love with the 70s fashion, then a pair of bell bottoms are worth your pick. But be careful not to choose something out of your style. Choose the ones with less of flare and wear a simple sweater on it. Understated yet chic is the way to go girl!

5. Leggings In Style

If it’s summer and you’re fussing about those thick jeans and aren’t much feeling up to the task of putting on dresses too, then why not opt for a much simpler option? Leggings. Yes, they mostly come in black, brown, gray or blue, but can be found in other unconventional colors too. You can either wear a long knee length top or a simple dress on it. And if it goes well with your outfit, then try putting on a stylish belt just above the waist.

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