Are Spa Treatments Really Good Or Are They Just A Money Making Tool?

Are Spa Treatments Really Good Or Are They Just A Money Making Tool?

“I am thinking whether I should go the newly opened Almanda spa or not” said Jessica, 32, browsing through the pages of a beauty magazine over her cup of coffee. “Make sure the spa is of a great standard and is well accredited” replied Josey, 33, sitting across the table. “So many spas out there these days charge a lot of money for great ambiance. But they don’t even know how to give a decent massage.”

Have you also been wondering if getting a spa treatment is a good idea or not? Are you hesitating in spending a good amount of your hard earned money on it? Well, let’s find out if spa treatments are worth their while of are they just money spinners.

Don’t take packaged treatments

“Jess, don’t stress so much. By all means, you should go for a simple massage or an aromatherapy session. That’s not going to harm you”, Josey advised. “It’s only if you start signing up for their monthly packages, you’ll be spending lots of money over time. And be careful of spa therapists and sales people. They have a very subtle, sweet way of explaining health benefits of spa treatments and luring customers into loyalty programs.”

Spa treatments are to be taken in addition to the doctor’s medicines and not in replacement of it

Josey gave us a very interesting insight on how spa treatments these days have become money making tools. “I have seen some really stupid people taking year long spa therapies for medical problems instead of simply consulting the doctor”, she said. “Yeah. It’s crazy to think they’re going to get cured only by spa treatment”, Jessica added. Well friends, don’t get lured purely by the benefits that some spa centers advertise. As a preliminary treatment, your aching foot probably needs a plaster cast not a champagne massage.

Need to relax after a long day? Go for it

Don’t need to think twice if you want to go for a relaxing acupressure massage or a nerve smoothing aromatherapy session. C’mon ladies, it’s our right to do so. As long as you treat massage sessions and spa treatments as a once-in-a-while stress relieving method, you’ll enjoy it. After all, who doesn’t like the experience of sinking in a bathtub or exotic herbs and having cool smooth healing stones places on the back? The minute you start depending on them for your stress relieving needs, you’ll be sucked into their money making schemes.

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    They are good, it also depends on what kind of treatment you are getting and how experienced the doctor is.

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