6 Tips on Where to Draw the Line With Your Ex

6 Tips on Where to Draw the Line With Your Ex

Are you still in touch with your ex? If yes, do you know where to draw the line between you and your ex? It may have happened many a times that your present relationship has ruined mostly because of keeping contact with your ex. Listed below are some tips on taking control over the situation and drawing a line where necssary, read on.

1. Stay in touch, but not on a daily basis

If you are still in touch with your ex, it is okay. But if you communicate with your ex on a daily basis, then it is not. It is imperative to draw the line between the two situations. Staying in touch through BBM, WhatsApp or personal chat is fine, unless your boyfriend does not have a problem. Do not share your daily happenings with your ex; your boyfriend may not like this.

2. Keep no gifts from your ex

Your ex is your past, and your boyfriend is your present. Keep it that way. Do not preserve any gifts which were given to you by your ex. Past memories can always evoke strong emotions. So, do away with gifts and pictures.

3. Do not indulge in physical interactions

If you just bumped into your ex, then saying a pleasant “hello” is ok. However, do not go over the board with this situation. Know your limits, do not hug him, or kiss him in front of your boyfriend. Your act can ruin your present relationship and cause permanent damage.

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