5 Reasons to not Drink Bottled Water

Reasons to not Drink Bottled Water

If one were to think of reason not to drink bottled water, there are so many and not one good reason that would make you want to drink bottled water. There are so many things that should put you off bottled water. Beginning with the cost, the environment concerns and the absolute bullshit one has been fed about the perils of drinking tap water. Bottled water, no matter what it says on the bottle is nothing better or great than tap water and it is just the advertising might of the big corporations that has convinced us all of the benefits of bottled water. Here are some reasons not to drink bottled water.

1. Plastic bottles are never safe for the environment

Plastic remains plastic no matter how safe they are purported to be. Recyclable plastic water bottles still contaminate the earth and the ground water in a lot of places. Just the use of plastic bottles should be enough to put you off bottled water. Be environmental friendly and say no to bottled water and you can do your bit to save the environment.

2. The plastic bottles aren’t good for you either

After some very strict regulations and rules, bottled water companies increasingly use BPA free plastic. But there are still a lot of chemicals left in the plastic bottles that can make you sick. When bottled water is left in the sun for a longtime or just stays for days without being opened, the chemicals slowly seep into the water and that is bad for your health.

3. They cost a lot

You may not feel the pinch when you buy a few bottles a week, but the truth is you are paying probably thousand times more than the tap water you should be drinking. Tap water is sometimes more safe than bottled water and think of all the money you are wasting on drinking glorified tap water i.e. bottled water.

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