10 Signs That Tell You Are A Shopaholic

10 Signs That Tell You Are A Shopaholic

It’s a universally acknowledged truth that all women love shopping. But do some of you think that you have been spending more time in malls lately rather than home? Are you experiencing a lack of space in your home because the stuff that you buy takes up all the place? Chances are you have become a shopaholic. Here are a few more signs to know if you are a shopaholic.

1. You feel anxious

The days you don’t go shopping are your most depressing days. You feel as if there is something missing in your day.

2. You buy even if it’s unaffordable

There are very expensive items on your shopping list and often you can’t afford to buy them, but still you do.

3. You often make excuses

You find that you are often justifying yourself like ‘I couldn’t miss that one’ or ‘It’s too good to let go’ after buying items.

4. You have debts

This means that you often go beyond your budget and can’t pay your credit card bills on time. This shows where all the money goes.

5. You buy more than you intend to

For instance, you walk in a mall with an agenda in mind that you just have to buy one cocktail dress. But by the end, you land up buying 6 dresses!

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