10 Interesting Facts About Gossip Girl

10 Interesting Facts About Gossip Girl

We all love Gossip Girl, don’t you? Those funny, humorous and exciting episodes are always on our mind. The popular teen drama series will go into its 5th season this September. Are you interested to know some cool facts about your favorite Gossip Girl character or some trivia about the locations of the series? Then read this juicy piece.

1. Title fun

Every title of the episodes is related to some movie, book or TV show.

2. Movie version

Lindsay Lohan was previously offered the role of Blair to play in a movie version of Gossip Girl. But that didn’t work out, so it was decided to be made into a television series.

3. Prison girl

Leighton Meester, who plays the role of Blair, was born in a prison as the daughter of a drug smuggler.

4. Tennis ball inspiration

Penn tennis balls inspired the name Penn Badgely.

5. Interesting band name

In the movie ‘Over The Top’ in 1987, Sylvester Stallone’s character is named Lincoln Hawk. The remarkable thing here is that Rufus’ band in Gossip Girl is also of the same name.

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