10 Reasons Why You Should Never Date A Vampire

10 Reasons Why You Should Never Date A Vampire

Several vampire movies and television series popularize the vampires. They are romantic, handsome, intelligent, sophisticated and above all great lovers. It is little wonder many women fall for their charm and good looks. However, there are many reasons that prevent you from dating a vampire and the list is compiled below.

1. No Safety

That is a question that often lurks in your mind. Vampires suck blood and this is a known fact. If they are not going to find dinner and have no options, they might make you dinner rather than wanting to spend the rest of their life with you. A vampire may sleep with you and eventually make you his dinner as well.

2. No Romance during the Day

Do not even dream of spending time with your vampire boyfriend any time during the day. They do not last for a long time in the sunlight. They just vaporize. There is no way or room for even the most fundamental of romance like walking together or visiting the beach in the day. All those fun activities in the sun are better forgotten.

3. Age Barriers

Age is just another number for vampires. They are immortals who do not grow old any day. When you become senile and fragile with age, your husband will probably do the same set of things he did several decades ago in the same way.

4. Mirror Troubles

Your vampire husband or boyfriend is not going to check for himself in the mirror. This is simply because he is not going to find an image there. Many hygiene related issues pose very high because of this small issue. He may not look presentable for occasions. His snack of some animal or fellow human being may still be visible in his teeth or mouth.

5. Low Chances of Finding a Black Vampire

Chances of finding a black vampire are very low. This is simply because black people are generally averse to danger and do not like to explore something like this. Hence, if you want a black boyfriend and a vampire in one, your chances of finding one are almost bleak.

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