6 Most Interesting Facts About Google

6 Most Interesting Facts About Google

Almost as synonymous as it has become with life, Google is undoubtedly one of the most important requisites in today’s lifestyle. One will hardly come across someone who has not used or has not heard of Google. The famous search engine was incorporated in September, 1998 and has not looked back since. But do you know everything about Google? Probably not! Listed here are the most interesting facts about Google you did not know.

1. The first doodle was a message

The world famous Google doodles which mark occasions, celebrations and other important days, were not always what they are today. In fact, the first ever doodle was an “out of office” message designed by the founders to send a message out to users that they were away for the weekend and would not be available to fix technical issues if they cropped up during that time.

2. The first Google storage was made from LEGO

In 1996, when the first ever Google storage was to be built, there was no device that could support that much memory—the requirement was 40 GB at the time. So the founders put together ten 4 GB hard drives and assembled them using LEGO! This original Google LEGO storage does look funny but it is debated that the color of the LEGO bricks used then inspired the color of the modern Google logo.

3. Google rents goats

Google rents goats from a company called California Grazing so as to naturally cut down on the weeds and grass in and around the Google headquarters. Google does not use land mowers and by renting about 200 goats, it keeps the environment quite natural and “cute.”

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