5 Great Natural Asian Beauty Ingredients You Will Love To Include In Your Beauty Regime

5 Great Natural Asian Beauty Ingredients You Will Love To Include In Your Beauty Regime

There’s a reason why Asian women are blessed with great skin and hair. It’s their diet, their beauty regimen and their lifestyle. If you’ve noticed, most wellness treatments and spa salons around the world are now promoting beauty regimens with natural Asian ingredients like never before. Do you want to discover what these natural Asian beauty ingredients are all about?

1. Rice

Have you ever heard of rice milk being used as sunscreen? Well, this natural Asian beauty ingredient has so many terrific properties that it is also used in massage oils and scrubs for detoxifying the skin. Rice bran oil has lots of Vitamin E and collagen-enhancing properties that give radiating skin. Also, this beauty ingredient when used in food as brown rice cleanses and detoxifies the bowels owing to its fibrous properties and ultimately results in clear and flawless skin. Wow, we never knew that something as common as rice could have so many beauty benefits!

2. Soy

You’d expect this to be eating soy products and not applying them over your face, right? But this amazing natural Asian beauty ingredient works like a charm because of its properties as an antioxidant and a natural moisturizer. From gaining stronger nails, wrinkle-free skin and voluminous hair, soy can help you in your overall beauty regimen. The isoflavones and phytoestrogens in soy make it a great natural Asian beauty ingredient that you must try.

3. Coconut Oil

Are you under the impression that coconut oil applied on hair can give out a stench? Friends, you are right to a certain extent but coconut oil has been used since time immemorial in the Eastern part of the world. It comes with added fragrance that won’t give out that typical smell anymore. This beauty ingredient is said to moisturize and reduce protein loss in damaged hair. Coconut oil rubbed on the scalp acts as a great sunscreen, reduces dark spots on knees and elbows and can be used as a great makeup remover. No wonder coconut oil is gaining popularity around the world.

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