10 Reasons to Love Twilight: Breaking Dawn

10 Reasons to Love Twilight: Breaking Dawn

If “Breaking Dawn” is bad, so is a 1000 calorie ice cream dripping in chocolate cream and sauce. But you love it anyway, just the way you love the Twilight series. In fact, you don’t have an option but get addicted to the entire series. Here are 10 reasons to love “Twilight: Breaking Dawn”.

1. Romance is irresistibly hot

It is a love story between the most unlikely couple – a human and a vampire with a healthy dose of a hot n’ sexy six pack werewolf. You just cannot get enough of the heat and adrenaline rush through you whenever you watch these movies.

2. Renesmee

It is worth watching the movie if only to watch cute little Renesmee, although the imprinting by Jacob was uncalled for.

3. Edward and baby thoughts

One of the most touching moments in the movie is when Edward hears Renesmee’s thoughts – a very beautiful and special moment for Edward, Bella and anyone who watches the movie.

4. The wedding

How often do you get to see a wedding between a vampire and a human? All characters look great in the movie on this special day, thus creating a dark, festive and intense moment. You have to watch it to experience it.

5. The ‘arguing over the baby’ moment

The moment when Edward and Bella argue over her pregnancy is a nice scene. It brings out the love Bella has for her unborn child even as Edward cannot help but be frustrated by his helplessness. It is another intense moment that you should watch.

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