7 Benefits of Short Hair

7 Benefits of Short Hair

Cropped hair is a fairly modern phenomenon because before last century, it never existed. It has a unique charm and girls who sport it can boast of the advantages listed here, while those with long tresses may think of going for this look after glancing through these points.

1. Less maintenance

Before stepping out of the house, long hair has to be nicely brushed, styled, tied and set. They can be a pain, especially while exercising as they keep coming undone. Short hair is a less maintenance hairstyle, apt for the working woman of today who has more important things to deal with than the styling of her hair.

2. Feels light

The more the hair resting on your head and shoulders, the more burdened you will feel. Long hair can’t just be left loose, you always need to tie it up. Short hair gives you a sense of freedom. You feel freer, with no tresses on your shoulders and back.

3. Allows you to flaunt hairbands and clips

You can put girly accessories such as hair bands and clips to full use with short hair. Such accessories do not suit long hair. There are a host of colorful, stylish and vibrant clips and bands that can make you stand out from other girls. Also, short hair lends the wearer a more youthful look, so if you feel you look older than your age or wish to appear younger than you are (most women do), you can go for the cropped look.

4. Allows you to comb your hair with fingers

Long hair gets frequently tangled and needs to be brushed or combed through, throughout the day. You don’t have to face that chore with cropped hair as you can easily set them with your fingers since they rarely get messed up.

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