9 Most Common Myths About Pregnancy

9 Most Common Myths About Pregnancy

Just like any other phase in life, pregnancy also has its fair share of myths and misconceptions. Pregnancy is a beautiful phase that lasts for a few months. Enjoy while you can and have a healthy and wonderful pregnancy. But also be educated on pregnancy facts! Bust the popular myths to make life stress free and tension free. Here are the most common myths about pregnancy.

1. Heartburns

Myth: Heartburns during pregnancy do not mean your baby is likely to have a lot of hair.

Fact: Heartburns in pregnancy are due to the increasing size of the fetus. Since your stomach is pushed higher, the acid travels from stomach to lower portion of esophagus thereby causing irritation.

2. Sex

Myth: Having sex while you are pregnant endangers your baby’s life.

Fact: Unless and until you run the risk of premature labor or are facing untimely bleeding, it is totally safe to have sex with your partner. Your baby is well protected and not prone to any risks.

3. Car drives

Myth: Bumpy car rides may trigger premature labor.

Fact: Your fetus is well cushioned in your uterus. The surrounding fluid protects your baby from such minor bumpy rides. However, it is important to be meticulous about falls and big accidents.

4. Gender of the baby

Myth: Ascertaining the gender of the baby can be done by holding a string over the stomach and watching the direction of its movement or by the shape of the stomach.

Fact: No string, however blessed, can indicate the gender of the baby. There is no evidence to determining the baby’s gender by the shape of the pregnant woman’s belly.

5. Heredity

Myth: Heredity plays a major role in your pregnancy and labor.

Fact: Pregnancy and labor are determined by greater aspects such as your diet, lifestyle, position and size of the baby and your attitude. There is no scientific evidence about heredity’s influence on your pregnancy.

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