10 Natural Ways for Gorgeous Hair

10 Natural Ways for Gorgeous Hair

Every girl loves to have gorgeous looking hair that’s shiny and smooth. Moreover, beautiful hair is capable of making even the most mundane of outfits look great, especially when you choose interesting hairstyles. While some people are blessed with naturally beautiful hair that don’t seem to get affected by any amount of pollution or styling whatsoever, there are others who have to regularly indulge in hair care in order to ensure that their locks remain strong and luscious. Here are some ways in which you can achieve gorgeous looking hair naturally.

1. Oil hair regularly

Most celebrities swear by it. Regular nourishment for hair is very important, and that can only happen with regular oiling. You can choose coconut oil for smoothness, olive oil for shine and almond oil for strength. Even oiling your hair for about an hour before wash is great, so make sure you indulge in it at least once or twice a week.

2. Comb your hair gently

Yes, the clock somehow runs at double the speed on weekday mornings when you are running late for office. However, you need to take out time to comb your hair properly. Don’t brush through in a hurried fashion, and spend time detangling the knots and properly smoothening out your hair. Also, never brush through wet hair. That helps in better growth and maintenance of the hair.

3. Avoid styling too often

Whenever and however much possible, avoid styling. Using tongs, straighteners and curlers only damages the hair more with the hot rods and hot air from the blow dryer. It makes the roots weak and the scalp loses its natural nourishment. So keep the styling to as minimal as possible to ensure healthy hair.

4. Choose hair products wisely

These days, every shampoo and oil commercial on television seems convincing and attractive. However, it’s crucial to understand your hair type and then choose products accordingly. Take help of an expert if need be, and buy shampoos and conditioner as per what suits your hair type.

5. Protect your hair when swimming

In summers, ensure that you protect your hair well with a cap before you go swimming. The pool has a lot of chemicals, and you wouldn’t want those to damage your hair.

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