The Unexposed Side Of Kate Middleton

The Unexposed Side Of Kate Middleton

Secrets are always fun to learn about. We bring all you gossipmongers a sip of some of the juiciest gossip about none other than Prince William’s wifey, the Duchess Kate Middleton. When the Royal Wedding took place, the media spoke a lot about Kate Middleton and her history. However, there were certain things that were intentionally or unintentionally left unsaid. Here we bring to you the unexposed side of Kate Middleton. Go on read, what are you waiting for?

1. Kate is allergic to horses!

Horses are apparently an inseparable part of the blue bloods. They, in fact, have been linked to royalty since time memorial. However, news says that our latest addition to the regal family of England is allergic to horses.

2. Kate is the oldest royal bride

Well, not in the world, but at least in the history of Britain. Princess Diana was only 20 years old when she got married to Prince Charles. However, at 29, Kate makes the oldest royal bride.

3. Kate’s occupational history

Kate is always known for her impeccable sense of fashion. Reportedly, Kate worked as an assistant accessories buyer for the company, Jigsaw since December 2006. She worked four days a week at this place. She also worked as a model. News says, once Prince William paid $200 to sit at the front row to watch Kate at a fashion show.

4. Kate prefers Catherine

In everyday life, she prefers people calling her by her birth name, Catherine, instead of Kate. Now that also means, whenever Prince William becomes the King and Kate becomes the Queen, British history will have 5 Queens whose first name was Catherine!

5. Kate and Prince William are related

Now you will say, obviously they are! But we aren’t talking about them being each other’s spouses. They have been related way before they were even married. Kate is William’s 12th cousin. She is also the 8th cousin of George Washington!

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