10 Most Annoying Things Men Do

10 Most Annoying Things Men Do

Men are darlings when they want to be. But there are times when they do such things that surely do annoy you. But the sad part is that those things don’t jump out at you once in a while. They are inherent in some men and they tend to do it everyday, without even realizing what they are doing! We have listed out some of the most annoying things that men do.

1. Watching TV all the time

This is not totally bad, but if it goes beyond limit then it might get really annoying for you. Okay, you know that they come home tired from work and all that and need sometime to relax. But even you get tired and still you work in the kitchen, right? To top it all, they might not even listen to you or help you out as they are glued to the television set.

2. Always helpless

This means that some men are not able do their own personal work by themselves. They always seem to need you to come to their help. This deals with helping out with work at home or simple things like they can’t buy bars of soap from the supermarket. Another example would be that if you are in a hurry for work and leave your clothes on the bed, they will remain over there until you reach home. Some men won’t keep them properly even if they have taken an off from work.

3. Gadgets are more important

Yes, they truly are because if you are dressed up to go for dinner with them, some men won’t even bother to look at you until you’re in the car or at the restaurant. Why? Well, since they were so busy texting on their Blackberry. Even if they do happen to glance at you, they’ll say, “Hurry up. We will get late.” Sometimes, this kind of behavior can get truly annoying for you, isn’t it?

4. Mismanaging their daily essentials

We think this particular characteristic might be inborn in some men. They will forget where they kept their socks or the matching tie with that blue shirt. There are some days where they even forget where they kept their car keys! Then they will come to you for help. C’mon men, what would you do without women in your lives?

5. Leaving the toilet seat up

This is by far the most annoying thing that some men do. They forget the fact that not everyone and especially not all women are as big as they are. So if they leave that toilet seat up, it is so irritating as you may fall in the toilet. It won’t hurt them to put the toilet seat down once they are done, would it?

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  1. Adam Newdow says:

    What about mouth noises for instance? My mom has been hounding my dad for 30 years over said noises. Search me, I don’t know what the F he is chewing on, but it never bothered his me. Mom? Well, it takes her last effort to stay on the edge of sanity. The pretending to listen thing… well, that’s universal. BTW, listening is one of the few chances I get to take a break from MAH MIND.

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