6 Body Language Signs that He Likes You

6 Body Language Signs that He Likes You

If he likes you, but is not telling you directly, there might be ways in which he is conveying this to you non verbally. The way he conducts himself in your presence, talks or even behaves with other people, are signs that he likes you. There are physical signs of confirming your apprehension. Here are 5 body language signs which indicate that he likes you.

1. Eye contact

Whenever you talk to him, his gaze softens. He obviously finds you beautiful so he looks at the way your hair falls, admires what you’re wearing and even looks at your eyes and lips. Sometimes, if he is caught looking at you stealthily, he will suddenly look away. His eyes will search you when you’re not around.

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2. Lowers his voice

When he talks to you, there is an initial need to present himself in the best possible light. He won’t raise his voice even to other people. He will speak gently and softy. He won’t always address you by your name.

3. Acts consciously

Whenever you are around, he is very conscious of your presence. He looks at you frequently, looks for your approval, listens to you more than anyone else; he makes sure that you are always impressed with him.

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  1. Conor Eley says:

    Hi i would just like to say that this article is quite accurate as i do 5/6 of these when I’m with a girl

  2. Daniel Mladenov says:

    Yeah it’s a good article. I also do these things

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