5 Wonderful Self Tanning Tips

5 Wonderful Self Tanning Tips

The tanned look is in and you can get it yourself without having to spend a lot on those tanning salons. There are a lot of advantages to doing it yourself. To begin with you do not have to spend a lot of money. You can do it in the privacy of your own home, if you are someone who is shy about taking off your clothes in public. You can decide on where and how much you need to get tanned because you are doing it and not standing under a tanning spray or lying inside a tanning box. Also when you do it yourself, it is comparatively less damaging to your skin and health, as you have a bit of control into how much chemicals and harmful rays your body takes. The benefits aside, you need to be careful and know about self tanning before you try it out and here are a few tips that will help you.

1. Getting rid of dark spots

If you have a scarred skin due to sun spotting, melanoma or pimples and acne, you tend to get dark spots on those areas after applying the self tanner. To get rid of this and get an even tone, you take a q-tip and gently buff those areas. This takes out the excess product and the skin looks even throughout.

2. Use a water based moisturizer

It is very important that you hydrate and moisturize your skin before you apply a self tanner. And make sure that the moisturizer you use is a water based one as oil based moisturizer prevents the absorption of the self tanner into your skin. They also create barriers causing the self tanner to streak. You do not want to look like a tanned tiger.

3. Scrub well before you apply a self tanner

It is important that your body or the areas you want to get tanned is clean before you apply a self tanner. When it is not clean, it is very possible that the dirt gets settled along with the lotion. Not only will you not get a proper tanned look, you will also end up getting allergies and unhealthy skin.

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