5 Tips To Take Care Of Your Baby

5 Tips To Take Care Of Your Baby

“Every mother should know vital baby care tips to give her child the best upbringing she possibly can,” is what Julia says. For those of you who remember, we met Julia a couple of months back at a coffee place when we had a great conversation about kids and schooling. This time we got talking about baby care tips which we think are important for every mother, expecting mother and women in general. Read on for 5 top baby care tips that you should know for your young baby.

1. Introducing solid foods to your baby

“Introducing solid food to your baby is usually recommended from 6 months of age, although this depends from case to case,” says Julia who was worried when her son, Tom as an infant used to push solid food out of his mouth. “I was very perplexed but the doctor laid my worries to rest and said that it was the baby’s natural mechanism coming into play, trying to prevent choking,” said Julia. She also said that it was a few more weeks before Tom would have his first solid food experience. Know this baby care tip and introduce solid food to your baby after he/she shows behavioral signs of acceptance towards solid food.

2. Vital period of movements of 6 to 9 months of age

What most baby care tips don’t tell you is that your baby will start making obvious attempts to learn body movements during this period. “Tom began to start sitting, rolling over, playing with himself and exploring other movements,” says Julia. So all you mothers reading, should know to keep an eye out to make sure that your baby does not hurt himself/herself while learning new movements. This is a crucial period and any injury can be disastrous.

3. Baby care tips of safety for your new born child

“Don’t compromise,” is what Julia had to say about keeping your baby safe. We agree with her 100% when she talked about using approved restraint products for newborns, ensuring a safe environment at home and outside and maintaining a clean and hygienic environment. “We often overlook even small things like objects lying around the house that may cause injury to the baby. I give this baby care tip to all mothers, don’t leave your newborn unsupervised,” affirms Julia.

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